TV LED LG 26LV2130

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TV LG 26LV2130

LG mengeluarkan TV LED LG 26LV2130 dengan kualitas gambar dan suara yang bagus serta hemat energi. Sudah mendukung multimedia agar lebih menyenangkan, yaitu tersedia slot USB 2.0


26"      LED TV     HD READY     IPS Hard Panel Technology


Strategically positioned LED lights covering the entire LCD panel deliver picture-perfect clarity from any angle. The brilliant LED backlighting display produces crystal-clear images.
HD Ready
It is a HDTV standard which specifies the progressive scan resolution of 1366 x 768. This figure represents the vertical and horizontal pixels on screen.
USB 2.0
The LG Plasma TV offer an upgraded USB terminal. USB 2.0 is also a very compatible interface that helps you to connect various types of memory card reader. Pnp(Plug & Play) feature allows easy-use of digital cameras, camcoder and MP3 players. The hot plug system also allows you to disconnect any device even whle TV is turned on.
  • Set weight with stand 4.1Kg




This is a format which helps you a compressed form of your movie while maintaining the best quality possible.
Advanced IPS LED LCD Panel
IPS enabled LED LCD panel responds faster and expresses more smooth moving images as compared to normal LED LCD panel. IPS technology provides color stability and color depth closest to the real image and also ensures the image sharpness which makes it more effective for viewing dynamic content such as fast paced action scenes, Formula one racing, exciting cricket matches, high octane soccer games etc.Greater aperture ratio in IPS LED LCD TVs helps in conserving energy and enhancing the life of the panel.
Smart Energy Saving
Eco-friendly technology with low/very low/the lowest power consumption mode. Ultimately enabling you to cut down greatly on unnecessary electricity usage.

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